Home Sweet Home

Travelers and leisure trippers know this caption well, “Home, sweet home.” At the end of each much-deserved trip to the sunny beaches of the Pacific or the icy mountaintops of the Alps, the next best thing is always the comfortable ambience of one’s own abode homesweethome.

Most people find something in their own homes that’s truly unique and unparalleled, so that whether it’s the comfort of Waldorf Astoria in New York or the Shangri-La Hotels in the tropics, the best places to take respite is still the corners of the home. Here are short descriptions of why the home is still the best place to have the best respite.

1. Homes provide memories that link to the best and worst moments in ones life. These moments cannot be effectively replaced by neither ornate items nor by the quality of the carpet or comforters in hotel rooms. These are intangible memories that linger in one’s mind. Staying in a hotel may provide you with the best and most comfortable stay, but staying in it for long always makes you want to go back to where each corner of the room has meaning and substance.

2. The people in the home are the strongest reasons why home is sweeter than most other places. Watching movies like that one by Robert Zemeckis, Forrest Gump gives you a really good picture of why home is called sweet. What with old mommy waiting right at the gate for dear son to come home. The country homes get to have more of the sweet home things as most countryside families send their children to major cities to get college degrees. For students, getting a really good education tops the list of priorities even with some homesickness along the way. However, school breaks provide an avenue for students to go home to old town and get the best things in the countryside.

3. The ambience of the home provides identification like no other. It gives you that feeling of belongingness. Also, the freedom that comes along moving around in one’s home and doing all the things you love doing freely pour within the confines of the home. Like they say, it’s not the structure it’s the substance that matters the most. Its not the physical beauty of the home that truly matters rather, it’s the ethereal ambience that defines the reality of a sweet home that we all want to go back to, where ever in the world we may have landed on.

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